Steps Toward Having Your Own

Custom-Designed Professional Website

  • Getting a Domain Name

    A domain name is your web address (also called a url)--what people can type into their browser to find your website, and what you will have on your business card. If you don't already have one, I can help you figure out what address you want--i.e. your name and degree, for example, or the main service you provide. Domain names usually cost between $10 and $25 per year--this is a registration fee that gives you exclusive right of use, and is paid to a Registrar who holds the name for you. There are many registration services, and I can help you choose one if you wish. It is easiest to register your domain name with whatever company is going to provide hosting for you--see below.
  • Finding a Hosting Service

    Once you have a domain name, it needs to be given a place (on an entity called a server) so that people can find it and look at it. This is called hosting, and there are many services that provide this, for a fee that ranges from about $5 to $10 per month. Sometimes a hosting service offers a deal that includes free domain registration. I can walk you through the process of registering a domain name and signing up for a hosting service.
  • Designing the Layout

    The next step is designing the layout of the website. You will need to think about how many different web pages your site will need in order to convey your content in a logical, easy-to-access format. Many websites have pages entitled Home, About, Services, and Contact, as well as any additional pages needed to display all the necessary information. Dividing a website into pages is similar to writing the outline for a paper or report--large sections of information that can stand alone should usually be on separate pages. The number of pages has to be balanced with user-friendliness and ease of access. I can provide as much help as you need to come up with the optimal layout for your website.
  • Features to Consider

    There are additional things to think about as you design your layout. Is there a logo or custom design that you already have (or want me to design) that should be included in the header of your website (the banner across the top)? Do you want a contact form or questionnaire so people can enter information and have it emailed to you?

    Features that Require Extra Add-On Components:

    • Do you want a blog?
    • Do you have products that you want to sell on your website?
    • Do you want to be able to edit and change parts of the website yourself?
  • Writing the Content

    This is obvious but not always fully appreciated: You actually need to write all of the content that will appear on your website. I will be entering all the information, but I can only include what you give me. Content can include introductory paragraphs, photos, links to resources, a list and description of services, a biography or resume, testimonials, and anything else that seems important to include.
  • "Rough Draft"... to Final Look

    Once we have agreed on the basics of the layout and I have been given all the content, I will put it together, asking questions and sending screenshots as needed to clarify what you want. Once the website is complete (screenshots approved by you, links and features tested, site viewed in different browsers), then I will upload the files so that you can view the website in its final form and approve the working version.
  • Your Website is Up and Running

    Now that your website is up, you can get feedback from friends and colleagues, add the web address to your business cards and to your listings with various organizations. The more you publicize your website and have other sites link to it, the more prominent your web presence will become.
  • Maintanance & Future Changes

    Unless you have opted to buy a content management system to allow you to edit areas of your website yourself, I can be reached at any time to make changes or update your website. There is no monthly maintenance fee, just a pay-as-you-go charge ($50/hour with a half hour minimum) for the time it takes me to make the changes. Minor changes can be saved up and emailed to me to be completed all at once. Not sure if a change is minor? I will always give you an estimate of the cost before I proceed with any changes, and if I forsee that something will require major work, we can discuss various options to achieve your goal at the lowest cost to you.


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Not A Mental Health Professional?

I specialize in the following areas as well:

  • Attachment Parenting
  • Infant and Child Development
  • Homebirth and Breastfeeding
  • Doulas and Midwives
  • Yoga, Mindfulness, and Physical Fitness

I can increase your visibility to potential clients by designing a unique website that will let them know exactly what you can do for them and will encourage them to choose you.